How to Increase the Battery Life of your Electric Scooters?

Maintaining your electric scooter’s battery is crucial to optimize the performance of your e-scooter. The battery not only charges your e-scooter but also impacts its speed and range, so it is important to take care of the battery and maintain it. 

Usually, the warranty period of electric scooter batteries is around 1 or 2 years. And, the life of a battery depends on your usage and maintenance that you do. However, if you want to know how to increase the battery life of your electric scooter, given below are a few tips that can help you with this. Let’s check them out.

6 Tips to Increase E-Scooter Battery Life

Tip 1: Keep your Electric Scooter’s Battery Charged

Indeed, most urban people do not drain their battery charge over one ride on their electric scooter. However, it is good if you charge the battery daily after coming back home from work. 

You should avoid depleting your E-scooter battery. Make sure the battery is at least 10% charged. 

If you charge your E-scooter battery daily and do not leave it discharged for a prolonged time, it will help you to increase the battery life. 

Tip 2: Charge the E-Scooter battery at the Right Time

You can charge your electric scooter battery directly after coming from a short ride. On the other hand, if you had a long ride, then leave the battery for at least 30 minutes to cool down. Then, you can charge it. 

Also, do not leave your electric scooter with a discharged battery for hours. Charge it as soon as you can do that.

Tip 3: Always Use an Original Charger 

You must use the original charger of your battery to not risk it. A charger is usually a cheaper part so never compromise with its quality and use the one designed originally for your electric scooter. 

Other local chargers available in the market might be of low-quality and won’t conform to the prescribed standards.  

Tip 4: Charge your Electric Scooter before storing it

When you are going to store your electric scooter for a long time, don’t forget to keep the battery charged at least 40-50%. 

Also, you can charge your scooter every 30 days to increase its battery life. If you leave your scooter discharged for about 3 months or more, its battery will be damaged. 

Tip 5: Keep the Battery in a Dry Environment with Optimal Temperature

Do not leave your electric scooter battery in cold temperature or under the sun in the middle of a sunny day. 

Keep the battery at a dry temperature. 

Extreme environmental conditions can damage the battery, in turn, shortening its life as well.

Tip 6: Never Overcharge or Heat your Electric Scooter Battery

Lithium-Ion Batteries used in modern electric scooters are quite powerful and have to be attended with care. 

Overcharging or overheating can damage the battery or may lead to a fire. So, never leave your electric scooter on charging for the whole night. 

Make sure to look after the electric scooter while it is charging and avoid overcharging it. Also, do not leave a damaged battery unattended at any place and follow the process for its disposal. 


So, here we have seen some of the best tips to increase the battery life of an electric scooter. If you follow these tips and take care of the electric scooter battery, it can last longer to around 3-4 years. Just remember to plug it in whenever there’s a need and keep it well-charged always. 

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